Accidental Addiction To Pain Pills And Needing a FL Rehab

Prescription pain medications are often prescribed to help people manage serious discomfort from a variety of different health conditions. While pain medication is an asset for helping you to manage serious pain, they also come with the risk of you developing an addiction. Unfortunately, many people find that they cannot stop using their pain medication even after their discomfort has healed. The realization that you have an accidental addiction can also lead you to continue to use your medications to cope with the guilt and shame that often arise when you feel as though you have lost control.

As upsetting as it is to be unable to stop taking pain pills, you are already one step ahead since you realize that this is a problem. You should also know that you are not alone, and many people develop a substance abuse problem after taking pain pills for the right reasons. Now that you know that you need help, use this guide to find the right LOS ANGELES Methadone Outpatient outpatient rehab atlanta Gaprogram to get you started on an effective treatment program.


Why Did I Develop an Addiction to Pain Pills?

You must understand that your addiction is not your fault. While many physicians understand the addictive nature of opioid-based medications, they are still prescribed due to their effectiveness for easing physical discomfort. When you take a pain pill, the opioids bind to special receptors in your brain that are responsible for pain relief. These receptors are also in charge of feelings of wellbeing, which is why you may find that pain pills give you a sense of euphoria and relaxation.

Pain pill addictions are usually caused by a combination of physical dependency upon the drugs as well as a psychological craving for the state of relaxation that the medications induce. In most cases, physicians use techniques to help people avoid addictions to pain pills. For instance, they tend to prescribe the lowest dose possible for achieving pain relief, and they may only give you short-term prescriptions. However, even these safeguards are not always effective in people with a susceptibility to addiction. It is also common for people to develop an addiction after trying to self-treat their pain or discomfort by using someone else’s prescription pain pills. Either way, your body has developed a physical dependency that makes it difficult to just stop using pain pills with sheer willpower.

Do I Really Need to Go to Rehab?

In the process of realizing that you have an addiction, you may have tried to stop using pain pills on your own. Trying to stop and going back to your old habits is a sign that your addiction is beyond your control at this point. You should also be alert for these additional signs that your addiction needs professional treatment.
• Taking pain pills for the psychological effects
• Going to a different doctor after one turns down your request for a refill
• Taking more than is prescribed
• Using someone else’s pain pills or buying them on the street
• Feeling guilty about how much you take the pills
• Lying about your habits to someone else
• Feeling sick when you cannot get the pills

You should also be aware that trying to quit the pain pills on your own can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. You may struggle with increased pain, nausea or shaking that leaves you afraid to continue to try to stop. In some cases, your withdrawal symptoms can be so extreme that you require hospitalization. For example, intense or prolonged diarrhea and vomiting can leave you dehydrated. Although using large amounts of a drug or taking pain pills for a long time increases your risk of serious withdrawal symptoms, anyone can experience these problems. Inoutpatient rehab, you can benefit from having the opportunity to work through these symptoms in a detox program where trained counselors and medical staff can help you. Often, this is the difference that helps you avoid giving in to the craving when the withdrawal symptoms cause to give up out of fear.


How Do I Find a Quality Rehab in LOS ANGELES Methadone Outpatient?

LOS ANGELES Methadone Outpatient is one of the top destinations for drug treatment, andoutpatient rehabs are open to you even if you live out of state. In fact, you will quickly find that the beautiful scenery in LOS ANGELES Methadone Outpatient provides a relaxing backdrop that helps you begin the process of recovering from your pain pill addiction. In your drugoutpatient rehab atlanta Gaprogram, you should look for specific qualities that let you know that it fits your needs. For example, you will want to make sure that the treatment program addresses pain pill addiction since your treatment will be affected by things such as any chronic health conditions that you currently have that cause serious pain.

You will also need to make decisions such as whether you prefer an outpatientor an outpatient program. Residential stays at a treatment center are the ideal choice since they allow you to step away from the stress in your life while you focus solely on your recovery. During residential treatment, you stay at theoutpatient rehab atlanta Gafull-time and spend your days and evenings attending therapy sessions and participating in recreational activities that help you combat your addiction.

An outpatient program is another option if you already live in LOS ANGELES Methadone Outpatient and cannot take time away from your home. During an outpatient stay, you visit theoutpatient rehab atlanta Gacenter during the day so that you can attend counseling sessions that help you figure out the reasons why you developed an accidental addiction. Then, you can return home after the day is over where you put the new coping skills you learn into practice.

Sadly, accidental addictions are surprisingly common, and it is possible that you even know other people who rely on pain pills to make it through the day. While you cannot go back and stop yourself from taking the first pill, you can end your need to take the next one. With help from a drugoutpatient rehab, you can begin to see that your belief in sobriety holds true possibilities for a better future.

Pain pill addictions are on the rise, and we have the help you need to break your dependency. Give us a call at 800-723-7376 to start your recovery today.