Alcohol Rehab: A Simple Guide To Finding The Proper Facility

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Centers for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

If you are one of the many people addicted to either drugs or alcohol, chances are you are scared. You may feel like your life is falling to pieces around you and be afraid there is no hope for recovery. It is important to realize you are not alone. There are addiction treatment centers available to help you get your life back under control. These facilities have a lot of experience helping people with a substance abuse issue and they can help you. You may want to consider an outpatienttreatment facility because they will enable you to focus on your recovery. This kind of treatment is very effective and will give you the tools you need to overcome your addiction and start living again. They understand your fears and want to provide the help you need.

An outpatienttreatment center is a safe place for you to live 24 hours a day. Your stay will begin with a period of detoxification. While you are being slowly taken off the substance you are addicted to, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. You will be given medical supervision to ensure you remain safe. Once the alcohol or drugs have been removed from your system, your need will be met with the support of your peers and psychological and medical assistance. Your treatment will be customized for your needs at each point during your recovery. Individual counseling sessions, life skills courses and group therapy will teach you the skills necessary to function in society, at work and at home.

An outpatient treatment center is another option to consider. This is where you will talk with a counselor to evaluate your specific situation. The best program for you will depend on your health, your type of addiction, the length of time you have been addicted and your life commitments. The right program for you may be meeting with a counselor for a couple hours each day or may involve an eight hour program. The treatment practices available can help you recover and include group and individual therapy, outpatientcare, life skills workshops and medication-assisted treatment. If you are struggling with more than one addiction, an extremely severe addiction or serious health issues, you will probably need to stay in an outpatienttreatment facility.

The Therapies and Options

Not every addiction or person are the same. This is why there are options available to make certain you can find the right program for your needs. One of these options is a holistic program. This treats every aspect of your body with natural therapies created for your overall health, sobriety and contentment. You may be more comfortable in a program that is gender specific so you will not have to address any issues not relevant to your gender or face potential distractions from the opposite sex. One of the programs found to be the most effective is group counseling. You will be with people who understand exactly how you feel because they are also fighting their own addictions.

Group therapy provides you with support from sober peers, the wisdom gained from recovery, brings hope back into your world and takes away the feeling of isolation. This will help you cope and provide support, encouragement and feedback to others. You will learn how to cope, remain sober and stop harmful behaviors. This the way you will start to heal and begin a new and better life. Extended care treatment does not stop once you have completed your initialoutpatient rehabilitation. You will have ongoing support from self-help groups and private therapy to support you in a life of sobriety.

Another option is a sober living home. This environment is less restrictive, and will help you transaction back into society without relapsing. You would live in a home with other people focused on remaining sober. This is an excellent option if you are afraid you will relapse. This option is effective if your addiction was severe and you feel you need long term support. This type of program will provide you with counseling, support groups, detox facilities if necessary and classes to teach you how to remain sober and live a good life once you have leftoutpatient rehab. You can succeed and avoid a relapse by using the tools you are provided with.

The Specifics of the Programs

Your progress will determine how long you need to remain in treatment. This may be as little as a month, a year or even longer. You will not be pushed into the next stage until you have achieved specific goals. Your treatment is not about time but your recovery. You can learn how to think and act differently with a structured treatment program. Once you understand why your behavior in the past was destructive, you can prevent yourself from sliding back into the same dependencies and habits that led you to need treatment. There is no answer that will fit every situation which is why your treatment will be flexible.

Your family and friends will be offered services because your addiction has most likely impacted their lives as well. There are also 12-step programs and peer support groups to provide you with the support you will need as time passes. You can join these types of programs on a voluntary basis because they offer you a support network that is vital to your sobriety. You can reach out to mentors and sponsors when you need help and they will be there. It is critical for you to remember you are not alone. You may find meeting with a therapist each month fulfils your needs or you may turn to self-help meetings on a weekly or daily basis.

The best way for you to find the right program is to allow aoutpatient rehab atlanta Gaprogram to assess your situation. These types of facilities offer programs based on past evidence, have helped numerous addicts recover and are high quality with excellent track records. Please do not wait any longer to find help. Call us now 800-723-7376