Drug Lobbyists Fund America’s Addiction

America, land of the free and home of the brave. A country founded on July 4th, 1776. The United States is a remarkable nation built on patriotism, freedom, and dreams. However, somewhere along the course we lost touch with what is believed to be adequate healthcare. A land with so much promise, but struggling to prove itself in this area.

In a recent study of 11 first world countries, the United States was dead last in 5 out of 12 panels generating our overall healthcare system. We were ranked in last place including efficiency, equity, and access to healthcare. Our highest ranking was 5th place in the effectiveness of our care. To add insult to injury is the fact we have ranked last for more than 5 years of this study done, (not consecutively, but that doesn’t change anything). The point is that our country seems to be on the decline as far as health goes, and you can’t stop but think about where America’s addiction problems fall into this.

We are known as being an obese country, but what about the other health issues at hand. We have a country burning in the midst of one of the worst epidemics seen by mankind within the last few centuries, but only lighter fluid is being added to the flame. Drug lobbyists fund America’s addiction, a few laws are made here and there, but nothing really changes. We continue to arrest people, which by the way we do lead the world in(incarcerated persons per capita). Is there not more we could do for a country that is the self acclaimed “greatest” on Earth?


It’s All About the Benjamins’

To understand why there is only so much being done for our people, you must first understand what keeps the gears of society turning. It’s all about the green stuff. The real devil’s lettuce. Not marijuana or vegetables but money. Money money money is what makes the world truly spin. Money is coal, money is oil, and money is drugs. The ones with all of those are the ones who call the final shots. Our country, and the majority of the world for that matter, is run by those who have the commas and zeros.

Money means power, power means control. More power and control means more money, and thus you have this sickening cycle that many lobbyists feed into. Drug lobbyists fund America’s addiction by supporting medical bills that are harmful to the population and by donating money to big pharma or big pharma to them. Again, the lobbyists are usually the ones with money(ie running our country or world). They are the ones that can sway particular decisions that affect any and everyone.

Central banking systems, bigwig oil companies such as BP or Exxon/Valdez, tobacco/pharmaceutical companies like Marlboro or Johnson & Johnson market products to the world that slowly suck out your soul. With friendly faces always representing the companies, these are the ones that rule the world. It is lobbyists like this that pay for Presidential vacations, have unofficial votes for specific legislation, and/or help to fund America’s addiction as their bank accounts widen.  


Addiction Lobbyists Fund America’s Drugs

When it comes to drug lobbyists funding America’s addiction, we all think of the opioid crisis- it’s unavoidable at this point. Everybody is dying or overdosing. Everybody. The next step is somebody walking around the streets with a cart shouting “bring out your dead”. Seriously though, the United States is so much on the verge of destruction that new bills are being passed to combat the plague.

On one hand you have parts of government voting the drugs in, and on the other hand you have those voting them out. There are parts of this establishment that work for the people and parts that work for themselves; that’s politics. The drug lobbyists that are funding America’s addiction do so by:

  • Promoting Legislation that Aids Manufacturers
  • Promoting Legislation at the Expense of Patients
  • Promoting Research on Unsafe Pharmaceuticals
  • Campaigning for Crooked Politicians
  • Taking Advantage of Poverty

Addiction is very much a disease and not something to be toyed around with. It’s almost as if there are prices being put on people’s heads. A potentially dangerous pharmaceutical can be put out, taking lives of hundreds, but if it’s making money then why stop it? This is the thought process that some of our head hunting politicians embody. See the problem?


Bad Karma for Big Pharma

Amidst all the death and wasted money, there are still wins for the underdogs. Even though money rules the roost, not all hope is ever lost. Some of the largest lobbyists for big pharma are in a crucial standoffs with other members of congress. Not only that, but many of the well known pharmaceutical manufacturers are dealing with legal proceedings from 6 whole states. Texas, along with North Carolina, Nevada, LOS ANGELES Methadone Outpatient, North Dakota, and Tennessee, are all filing lawsuits against Purdue Pharma(one of the largest producers of Oxycontin) for misleading markets tactics. Misleading marketing tactics, also known as funding America’s addiction. This is one of many examples of different states suing pharmaceutical distributors.

There are of course the other lobbyists out there that are advocating to shut down pharmaceutical companies and those profiting off the misery of the sick, but their numbers don’t amass to those of the greed. Maybe in time the scale will tip as the deaths continue piling up and state by state we unite, finally being over drug lobbyists funding America’s addiction. The task at hand will be a matter of getting the whole country on one page, just like our country was founded upon. If you or a loved one is in need of help for drug and alcohol addiction, give us a call today at 877-813-9235.