What Happens After I Go To a Rehab Center in LOS ANGELES Methadone Outpatient?

Addiction often starts off so slowly that you don’t realize that you have a problem until it is too late. By now, you may have even tried to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own and realized that it feels impossible. As frustrating as it is to feel a lack of control, there are places where you can turn to for help. Rehab centers in LOS ANGELES Methadone Outpatient are designed to help you learn how to stop using drugs or alcohol while you stay in an environment that promotes your better overall wellbeing.

Naturally, you have a lot of questions about what happens atoutpatient rehab. While every program is different, they are all set up to help you recover your health and mend your relationships so that you have the best chances for a successful recovery. The best way to find out what happens after you go tooutpatient rehab atlanta Gais to ask for a tour if you live nearby, or you can explore the website to find out what the facilities are like. Keep in mind thatoutpatient rehab atlanta Gais often not like what you see on movies. Instead, they aim to make sure that everyone feels comfortable by offering amenities such as swimming pools and other recreational activities that help you get back on your feet. Finding out more about what happens after you enteroutpatient rehab atlanta Gahelps alleviate any anxiety that you might feel about making this big step forward.

Should I Go to a LOS ANGELES Methadone Outpatient Rehab?

Typically, you can benefit fromoutpatient rehab atlanta Gaif you have any concerns about your drinking patterns or current drug use. This is because people have an innate ability to recognize when they are in trouble. Alternatively, you may have been called out by a family member or friend who has noticed that your addiction is spiraling out of control. Depending upon your current level of addiction, you may also exhibit one of these signs that you need to go tooutpatient rehab.

• Increased tolerance to drugs or alcohol
• Drinking more than you want to on more than one occasion
• Skipping work to drink or do drugs
• Getting into trouble with the law
• Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using

While the main point of going tooutpatient rehab atlanta Gais to address your addiction, you should also know that your attendance in a treatment program helps you to recover your physical and mental health. For this reason, the choice to go tooutpatient rehab atlanta Gamay also involve your decision to begin the process of healing things such as malnutrition or depression.

What Do I Expect When I Enter a LOS ANGELES Methadone Outpatient Rehab?

Walking through those doors can be scary the first time. After all, you are about to admit to a total stranger that you have a serious problem. If you are nervous, keep in mind that the counselors atoutpatient rehab atlanta Gahave seen and heard it all. In fact, they chose their work because they want to help people just like you.

Typically, your first contact with aoutpatient rehab atlanta Gainvolves a personal assessment. This assessment helps the staff to identify what types of addictions that you are dealing with. Often, people are addicted to both drugs and alcohol, and it is important for the staff to know the truth so that they can give you the right treatments to help through the withdrawal and recovery process. You will also undergo a physical health check along with a psychological exam to identify mental health issues that benefit from being treated as well.

After your assessment, your counselors will present you with your treatment options. For some people, a residential stay is essential for breaking the habits and personal relationships that make it so hard to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own. During a residential stay, you will live at the facility for the entire day or night. Usually, most people stay a couple of weeks to a month, but you might stay longer if you struggle with multiple factors that affect your recovery. Other options may include outpatient or intensive outpatient therapy that help you end your addiction while you continue to live in your home or a halfway house.

If you choose residential treatment, a typical day will begin much like your days at home with breakfast. After that, you will spend the majority of your day participating in group and individual counseling sessions that help you learn ways to manage the things that trigger your cravings for drugs and alcohol. Holistic therapy services may also be offered. For instance, you may benefit from learning how to meditate or do yoga when you feel stressed out. Recreational activities such as swimming or art are additional components of your day. These activities help you learn new interests that keep you busy once you leave the treatment program.

What Happens After My Treatment?

Your treatment does not end once you leave residential programs. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process, and you are most at risk for relapse as you transition back to a regular lifestyle. Fortunately, you can rely on the support of youroutpatient rehab atlanta Gaprogram to make a smooth transition. You may continue therapy in an outpatient setting so that you can address issues that arise once you are living on your own.

As you grow stronger, you will find that each day gets a little easier. Over time, you will learn how to manage your cravings using the tools that you learned while you were in treatment. You will also find that it gets easier to make sober friends as you grow more confident in your recovery. While you will always need to be careful to avoid situations that may cause you to use drugs or alcohol again, it is possible to enjoy a sober lifestyle that allows you to reach your fullest potential.

Taking a step into an unknown environment is always a little scary, but our counselors are ready to help you feel comfortable during your stay. Call us for the answers to your questions today at 800-723-7376