How Much Is A Recovery Rehab For a Person With Tricare Insurance?

Addiction treatment is effective for helping you overcome your dependency on drugs or alcohol, and you have made the right choice to seek help. Now that you know that it is time to get sober, one of your biggest concerns may be the cost. Naturally, recovery centers must charge for their services, but having Tricare insurance is a tremendous asset for helping you plan financially for your treatment.

Today, all health insurance companies are required by law to offer coverage for substance abuse treatment and mental health services. This means that you can expect for your Tricare insurance to cover at least a portion of your care. However, the amount that Tricare will cover can vary according to your type of policy along with the specific types of treatments that you need for a full recovery. As you begin to make your plans for entering a recoveryoutpatient rehab, use this information to determine what kinds of financial preparations you need to make to cover your stay.

What Kind of Treatments Will I Receive at Recovery Rehab?

Tricare insurance covers the majority of treatments that you receive at a recoveryoutpatient rehab. A few of the most common treatments that you may need include:

Residential treatment
• Intensive outpatient therapy
• Family therapy
• Individual counseling
• Medically-assisted detox

During your residential treatment, you spend the entire day and night at the center. This type of arrangement works best if you have concerns about being tempted to relapse while you live at home. You may also need overnight care if you struggle with severe withdrawal symptoms or have relationship issues that could generate stress if you remain in your household. Residential treatment allows you to focus solely on your recovery without having other life stresses get in the way.

Intensive outpatient therapy is another option from which you can choose if a residential stay is not possible. With this type of therapy, you will go to the recoveryoutpatient rehab atlanta Gaduring the daytime hours. Typically, you will stay there for several hours a day, five days a week. The time that you spend at the recovery center includes many of the same types of therapy that you would receive during your residential stay such as individual drug and alcohol counseling, yet you can go back home each night.

Since family involvement is recognized as being critical for addiction recovery, you will find thatoutpatient rehab atlanta Gacenters offer family counseling services. During these sessions, you will work directly with the people that you love to begin mending your relationship. Your family members also benefit from learning about how to help you overcome your cravings, and they can find new coping strategies for handling issues that arise during addiction recovery.

How Much of My Stay at Rehab Will Tricare Cover?

Tricare covers the majority of treatments atoutpatient rehabs. However, there may be limits regarding what services are covered as well as how long you receive the treatments. Although the amount that is covered varies according the specific plan that you are on, you can expect that your insurance will cover residential treatment when it is necessary to help you safely recover from your addiction.

Tricare also covers outpatient counseling services that may occur on their own or after your residential stay is complete. Typically, they allow approximately 60 treatment sessions per period, which is a 365-day year. While the insurance does not designate how often you may go, any sessions that go over this amount may require you to pay out-of-pocket. However most people find that this amount of outpatient counseling sessions is effective for helping them overcome addiction when it is combined with other types of assistance such as family counseling

You will also find that Tricare covers 15 sessions of family counseling for people who are going through substance abuse treatment. These sessions give you an opportunity to work with a professional counselor to find ways to bond as a family as you repair the damage that is left behind by your addiction.

While these are just the typical treatments that are covered by Tricare, keep in mind that it is always best to confirm the coverage before you begin treatment. This allows you to explore all of your financial options for making sure that youroutpatient rehab atlanta Gatreatment is affordable. For instance, you may need to follow residential treatment with outpatient therapy to ensure that you have enough time to fully deal with your addiction before you attempt to stop your therapy sessions.

What Do I Need to Begin My Stay At Recovery Rehab?

With Tricare, figuring out your insurance needs is simple. To begin your stay atoutpatient rehab, all you need to do is bring your insurance information to theoutpatient rehab atlanta Gacenter or refer to it when you call by phone. This helps the intake staff to check your insurance coverage and talk to you about how it will help you afford your stay. You may also need to bring this information with you on the day that you enter the program along with a picture ID to verify your identity.

Once you have set a date to attendoutpatient rehab, you will be provided with a handbook that gives you all of the information that you need to prepare for your stay. Fortunately, you only have to pack a few things for your stay that help you remain comfortable. For instance, you will want to bring your own daytime clothing, pajamas, workout clothes and a swimsuit. You may also need to bring items such as medication or contacts that you use on a daily basis.

If you plan to attend residential treatment, then you may need to make a few arrangements to keep your household running smoothly during your time away. For instance, you may want to pay your bills ahead of time or arrange to have someone manage these tasks so that you stay in good financial standing.

Tricare insurance provides you with the financial resources you need to seek treatment for your addiction. Contact our counselors at 800-723-7376 for more information about what your policy covers.