Multiple States Suing Over Opioid Epidemic

Fentanyl, a.ka. the dream deceiver, a.ka. the narcotic of nightmares, a.k.a the opioid opposition, is the kingpin drug that’s running the streets. It is in most every batch of heroin that touches U.S soil and is mostly responsible for the alarming amount of deaths building up over the past few years. If Fentanyl were a person, it’d be dictator by now. All the doped up zombies would bow down. His/her net worth would be in the trillions.

Just so you know, a trillion seconds is 31,709.8 years. So let the gravity of how much a trillion dollars is really set in. An opioid epidemic is truly an understatement, and it’s not just Fentanyl. Oxycontin, Morphine, and a few others are right up there with it. We have a general plague on our hands, a plague of catastrophic proportion that the pharmaceutical companies are only aiding.

But why would they do that to us? Which pharmaceutical companies would do such a thing? Well, most of them sadly. Alas, there are too many to name them all, but some of the most ruthless include:

  • Purdue Pharma
  • McKesson Corp
  • Endo Health Solutions
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and subsidiary Cephalon
  • Johnson & Johnson and subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Allergan

These are the companies responsible for manifesting all the premature death. This epidemic has gotten to a point where it’s starting to affect everyone, recovery related or not. Morgues are overflowing from overdose rates in a few states, and other states are losing up to 8 people per day. This is why it doesn’t come to any surprise that a few states have finally had enough. After a chart topping few years of overdoses in 2016, 2017, and most of 2018, multiple states have filed lawsuits against the companies manufacturing all the death. Rightfully so.  


Something to Really Sue Over

When we really look at the situation of addiction, it’s a rotten disease plain and simple. There’s no other way of looking at something that causes people to make one harmful decision after the next. We all want escapism from the emotional perils of sensibility, but Big Pharma is harnessing the obsession of alcoholism into financial gain from the opioid epidemic. People are merely numbers. It’s kind of like the old Looney Tunes cartoons when Porky Pig would have his pupils ka-ching into dollar signs. It’s sickening.

Mckesson Corp is one of the largest distributors of Oxys out there. The narcotics produced by McKesson Corp are providing false realities to masses of people oblivious to detrimental effects. Most are unaware of the demons awakening as they shovel pill after pill down their throat, only doing what a doctor told them to do. This is where the lawsuit manifests itself. Multiple states are suing over the opioid epidemic from the false sense of health that the pharmaceutical reps claim in their medications. The mass prescribing of opioids, of any type, is something that runs off of propaganda in a sense. Most opioids are a temporary band aid that cause more harm than good.


Multiple States Over Opioid Epidemic

Kentucky, one of the multiple states to join in suing over the opioid epidemic, had a terrible year in 2017 with 1,565 deaths accumulating in total from overdose related causes. Kentucky joins a whopping 26 other states in the lawsuits, including New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, North Carolina, Alabama, Washington, Ohio, and New Mexico. As you can see, all corners of the country are generally upset and finally voicing it.

Kentucky’s Attorney General Andy Beshear explains, “McKesson knowingly and intentionally distributed enormous quantities of prescription opioids throughout Kentucky with total disregard for our health and safety. This reckless behavior fueled our catastrophic drug epidemic that every community is facing.”

Beshear believes like many that somebody needs to hold these multi billion dollar companies accountable. Nobody should be able to profit off death, but then again, there is a reason we have war. Just in this instance we are at war with ourselves. Big Pharma versus the citizens of the United States. Can it get any uglier than it already is?


Everyone is Over It

The last couple years have seen a decrease in prescription opioid sales because of new laws implemented to slow everything down, but abuse still stays at an all time high. Pharmaceutical lobbyists are some of the ones that silently run our country. It’ll be impossible to hush all of their noise even with multiple states suing over the opioid epidemic. That’s just the cynical approach though, in reality, anything that is done to slow down the manufacturing of opioids will be a point for the home team.

Even if we can eliminate all the pharmaceutical tyrants, others will flood in the Fentanyl and Oxycontin from other countries. Addiction is the real culprit at hand. At this point, prevention is needed more than ever. The funding for the lawsuits has been provided and the state officials have been rallied. It’s time for people and the state to take initiative for the state of the people.