Prescription Painkillers: Deadly Addiction

The drug problem in the US might look a bit different than you think. The highest-growing addiction in the country isn’t the usual suspects: heroin, meth or cocaine. Instead, it’s something you find in your own medicine cabinet: painkillers.

painkiller pilloutpatient rehab atlanta Gatreatment Painkillers and Opioids: A Double-Edged Sword

Some of the most addictive and dangerous drugs you can find are given to you by a physician: prescription painkillers. These opioids can seem miraculous to those who use them properly. After all, you can receive pain relief from migraines, surgery, or internal organ illnesses.

But the trouble comes when painkillers take too great a hold and an addiction begins. Opioids can create a physical dependence with only a few uses. Even following your prescription might not be enough to prevent you from painkiller abuse.

Frightening Prescription Opioid Drug Facts:

  • 46 Americans die every day from prescription painkiller overdose
  • 259 million prescriptions were given in 2012 alone
  • The region that ranks highest in the US for painkiller abuse is the South

Nationwide Efforts to Curb Prescription Painkillers Abuse

The federal government is taking measures to stop the havoc created by painkillers in America. Each state is trying to implement specific measures to help address issues that are most prominent in the specific state.

Many of the measures that have taken take place include how prescriptions are given and how pharmacies deal with giving out painkillers. Increased transparency between doctor, patient, and pharmacist has been shown to make it tougher for people to get more drugs than they actually need.

The Advantage of Reputable Rehab

Professionaloutpatient rehab atlanta Gamay not be as expensive as you think with the help of your insurance. Nothing is more important than getting sober. From there, you can repair relationships with your friends and family and increase your earning potential in your career.

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