President Trump and His Opioid Epidemic

“Together we are going to end the scourge of drug addiction in American,” Trump declared as he sat down to sign a new piece of legislation this previous Wednesday. ‘The Support for Patients and Community Act’ as it was written, is the newest master plan against the infamous opioid pandemic festering in the wounds of our “once great” country. By the way, this country officially lost it’s greatness the second we started allowing pharmaceutical companies to pimp it out. So Donald Trump, make us great again.

For years now we have watched(or been a part of) a nation in turmoil from overdose rates spiking faster than fruit punch at a fraternity mixer. Overdose rates have skyrocketed 13% between 2017-2018 with over 72,000 people recorded dying from opioid related causes. Year after year worse than the next, with little change occuring or just not happening fast enough. But we can’t blame opioids entirely for all the drug addiction in America, they’re just the worst of it.

Science picked up where boredom left off and created genres of drugs that weren’t even meant to exist. Even if they were, they are always evolving into more. Crystal Meth fifty years ago was different than the ice or tweak running the streets today. Marijuana is stronger because of medical marijuana, edibles, and concentrates appearing on every corner like a liquor store. Bath salts and Flakka (whatever they are) didn’t even exist back in the day. We’re just waiting for somebody to create “super rum” or something and begin taking out the masses with gasoline laced liquor. Who knows. The point is that addiction in America is at an ugly state right now and everybody is waiting to see what President Trump has in mind for the ever growing, never slowing opioid epidemic we have on our hands.  


Donald Don’s New Bill

With President Trump and the current opioid epidemic, there are changes needed that our country has never prepared for in the past. Along with several other laws that have been passed in the last few years to combat the opioid epidemic, now we have the Support for Patients and Community Act that was passed in congress with flying colors. This act will focus on 5 major provisions geared toward halting the opioid epidemic. These services will provide:

  • Expansion of Recovery Centers
  • Efforts to Curb Drug Shipments
  • Lifts on Treatment Restrictions
  • Research on New Painkillers
  • Changes in Medicare and Medicaid

This is where the change will begin; increased efforts of prevention. Our country leads the world in most incarcerated persons per capita, it would be detrimental to create more laws that punish addiction. President Trump and his administration seem to see the opioid epidemic for what it’s worth, a battle against a disease. Unbeknownst to many, our 45th president had an older brother ‘Freddy’ that died of alcoholism in 1981. Maybe that experience was the catalyst for Trump’s involvement in the opioid epidemic and addiction on the rise, maybe not. One thing is for sure though, like him or not, this new piece of legislation will make changes that our country has been waiting a long time for.     


The Trump Epidemic

The Trump epidemic differs from that of his many predecessors. It’s a different time period for one. President Trump’s views on drugs have changed for the better, unlike the unpredictable game of ping pong that many of his other political standing have disguised themselves under. Donald stated in the 1990s that he believed all drugs should be legalized, thus taking power away from drug czars. Flash forward to presidency and naturally his statement is not of the same regards due to a nation’s cry for help. This can be seen as growth in a person, or our president conforming to the needs of the country he has vowed to lead. Either way, fortunate for us his perception has changed. Yet you have to wonder, was he onto something?

Then you have his views on the decriminalization/legalization of marijuana, and his attempts to have Jeff Sessions call off his ‘war on marijuana’. This of course is a controversial subject for most of the country, bringing about particular uproar for those in the recovery community. Marijuana is a drug that has many medical benefits but can also be harmful to the right recipients. Throughout history, our government’s views on smoking pot have gone for a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Ronald and Nancy Reagan were notorious for their take on cannabis. Reagan believed that marijuana was “probably the worst drug in America today”,(although that one is a brain scratcher to most when the crack epidemic was running the streets during Reagan’s administration). Then you have former President Obama who began the medicalization/legalization process of the naturally occurring substance that we now see prospering in several different states. It’s hard to really tell our current president’s standings on all of it.

Unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies are the bane of existence for our current ‘war on drugs’,  not the marijuana industry nor the unforgettable coca leaves. It’s the opioids flooding into the country that are putting people in their early graves nowadays. It’s the opioids that have created this 21st century bubonic plague. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, please give a call to figure out your options for treatment, 877-813-9235.