Preventative Fingerprint Drug Testing

Paper currency specifically is something we trade, negotiate, buy, and sell with it. It’s used in almost every aspect of life since everything comes with a price. There’s a form of it that can be found in nearly every first world country. Differing from region to region, the different types of papers bills usually have intricate designs on them accompanied with numbers and/or the faces of people with important political ties. Yes, money definitely runs the world, but what else do we do with it?

While some are using paper money for exchanges in services, others are using the paper bills for exchanges with their nostrils. Nearly every bill in circulation has drug traces of some form on it. The United States itself is under an opioid crisis that doesn’t stop with just the poppy seed derivatives either. The statistics for addiction are ever rising year after year with multiple forms of opiates, cocaine, and research chemicals making the headlines every single day. When there is a constantly growing demand, there will be a constantly growing supply.  

Drug abuse is a growing issue across the globe with the U.S. and U.K. struggling to find some end in sight. For the States, the war on drugs is just a laughable figment of imagination to some. With substance abuse problems out the wazoo, most are throwing their hands in the air wondering what can be done. Rest assured that major steps are being made. While some agencies are focused on addiction treatment services, others have their eyes on chemical prevention with new types of substance screening like fingerprint drug testing.

Not Blood

Yes that’s right, fingerprint drug testing is one of the newest automated marvels to join the crime fighting side of the street. This new technology hales from the University of East Anglia, where they have created an applied science that is able to detect up to 4 different drugs within the grooves of a simple fingerprint: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines. However to be noted, this isn’t just to detect if physical contact has been made with one of those substances. The fingerprint drug testing scan can actually detect when the substance is present in an individual.

The fingerprint drug testing reader uses fluorescently tagged antibodies specific to the class of each substance in order to flag it. When a drug is present in the sample from the sweat of a fingerprint, it then binds to it, stops the fluorescing, and the signal is then captured by the reader. It will not replace official forensic toxicological analysis’ though, but it will complement law enforcement and coroners through it’s usage. The speedy analysis is much less invasive than drawing blood, urine, or hair samples on the spot like so many instances should call for. The advances of modern science can seem so stupefying sometimes.

Don’t worry about washing your hands because the fingerprint drug testing is still 99% accurate no matter how hard you scrub those dirty digits. Scientists have created this machine so that it is able to read a chemical that is produced in the sweat of those that have been using the alleged white powder. A special type of forensic paper has been introduced to the equation to allow the acclaimed accuracy of the cocaine fingerprint test. The technological advancement will help with policeman, commanding officers, and any other establishments that need to test for the specific schedule substance.  

Not Urine

Addiction is a disease that is taking over modern medicine. Prolonged drug use of any sort will help for all coordination skills go out the window. There will be anxiety and depression, as well as mood swings and irritability. These haggard feelings will come and go, all the while wrapping up our emotions in a whirlwind of conflict and confusion. Addiction will cause various aspects of any alcoholic’s life to be completely entangled in powerlessness. Regardless whether it’s marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines or pixie dust, misfortune will consistently find its way into an addict’s life. If allowed to thrive, this is done through means of:

  • Struggling Job Performance
  • Failing Relationship Maintenance
  • Indebted/Empty Bank Accounts
  • Fluctuating Pessimism
  • Lacking Self-Esteem
  • Grandiose Behaviors
  • Arrogant Obsessions

When the drugs are all gone, the spitting whirlwind of emotions felt will be depressing and anxiety ridden until the next dose makes itself available. The growing rate of addiction in the last decade is the reason preventative fingerprint drug testing has become reality to begin with. According to studies done by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 19.7 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battled a substance use disorder in 2017.  Almost 74% of adults suffering from a substance use disorder in 2017 struggled with an alcohol use disorder as well. This was 2 years ago. Those numbers were at record high then and have not subsided since. Prevention and addiction treatment services need to be on the forefront of America’s blueprints.  

And Not Hair

The reality behind the booming addiction issues of the 21st century is the accessibility to the substances flooding the streets. There’s never going to be any full proof way to eliminate all the differing narcotics that people are killing themselves with these days. Be that as it may, some believe proper drug detection like the fingerprint drug testing reader will still put a stent into the dreadful alcoholic thinking statistics.

The progressive moves of those at the University of East Anglia only starts with four well known substances for fingerprint test. However, this scientific advance will be able to be applied to many other substances not included yet. Sure it isn’t going to stop the world’s addiction issues, but it’s a start in the direction for a prettier future with more preventative measures.