Recovery From Heroin Abuse

We are not authors but merely editors in the thick book we choose to call life. As it opens up and unravels it’s series of uncertainty, so much positive and negative experience envelops chapter after chapter. Attempting to guide our souls through the articulation of experiences depends highly on our interaction with the external forces turning each page. As we begin to understand this, it gives segue to the mental gymnastics of why we is, why we are, and why we be.

I mean, is that not the deepest of educated experiences one can truly desire in the end? To understand the “whys” of life; we all search for existence somehow or another. Some of us search by skipping pages ahead to see what destiny our envisioned creator has laid about before us. Others of us choose to relive certain pages over and over, skimming across the information without really absorbing any of it. The latter of which is alcoholic thinking. Much like insanity, all forms of alcoholic thinking are doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results to occur or simply losing all interest in the results occurings.  

One of the most prevalent forms of alcoholic thinking occurring in the 21st century materializes itself through the opioid pandemic. The first page of that pandemic would be addiction and recovery from heroin abuse. This is a form of addiction that has created a modern day plague in the United States and fuels the incessant need for a plethora of stockpiled preventative measures.

Abuse Of/From Heroin

This book of life is already an expressive enough read as is, but then when you throw in the disease of alcoholism, there’s an entirely new glossary to read up on. For your average opiate dependent, heroin abuse is the life crumpling farce that will be the final say so to all. Wake up- heroin. Lunch time- heroin. Time to go to work- heroin. Bed time- a nice spot of tea with a few crumpets before we put our pajamas on. Sorry, that’s also code for heroin as well.

Heroin abuse becomes the wet soggy pages of your book that you’re still trying to turn without ripping and ruining the pages even further; too much saturation. Eventually the book becomes illegible. In our attempts to abuse heroin, heroin ends up abusing us instead.

But hold up! With a bit of luck and somebody wishing upon a star, none of us have to stay shackled to this way of life if they’re decidedly over it. Recovery from heroin abuse takes time and effort, as it won’t just happen overnight, but it is possible. There are processes and ways of life that have to be recycled while adapting to new ones. For most addicts, whether heroin abuse or applying chapstick is your thing, getting rid of the problem substance is of course the first part. If we can do that, then and only then can the recovery part actually begin.

Recovery Reconstructing

Upon accepting our problems with this bewitching narcotic, our recovery begins with the same methods that any other addictions might start with. Time to walk the walk and talk the talk; we begin moving forward in the literacy of life. This means bettering ourselves in some areas that our heroin abuse led us astray. These bettering options usually include:

  • Working a 12 step program
  • Getting involved in Anonymous programs of the sort
  • Making friends having gone thru the same shtick
  • Changing patterns and routines
  • Indulging in healthy mannerisms
  • Thinking in a positive/proactive manner

As we discard our old way of life, moving onto the prospects of a new one, we start realizing how difficult yet easy recovery actually is. It really doesn’t take that much to abstain from something that will knowingly destruct your life.

When you’re mind is riddled with the chemicals of heroin abuse, sure it’s hard to see things rationally. However, once we can commence detoxification from the opiate, it’s like this filtered lens is then removed from our perception of things. The focus of this only becomes clearer as we start various forms of introspection, gaining self awareness of ourselves. This self awareness is our new book mark for every new chapter that arrives.

Avoiding Heroin Abuse

Unfortunately we cannot think away the disease of alcoholic thinking and we cannot simply wish ourselves to be opiate free in the split of a second. Recovery from heroin abuse may seem like something that can take an eternity, but the thing that some struggle to recognize is that time is an illusion. If we allow ourselves to be absorbed into the imaginative structure of our book, enjoying each page to its fullest, getting out of such a chemically abusive relationship will seem like it was a thing of the past.

The feeling of internal happiness will take over as we continue to relish the new opportunities of life that our rehabilitated ways have to offer. We have to stand up to the obsession and toss all fear to the side. We’re only given this one paperback book in life, so it’s important to be the author you truly deserve.